At Canadian Water Network, success happens when the right people and leading knowledge are combined to identify what's possible to achieve shared goals for water management in Canada. Canadian Water Network convenes government, industry and non-governmental partners around core challenges, and connects them with leading knowledge in a way that addresses the practical realities of water management. We ensure that research is actionable and leads to solutions. 

priority water drop blue cities

Blue Cities

Moving to adaptive, resilient municipal water management.

priority water drop energy and resources

Energy & Resources

Achieving economic success through environmental and public health protection.

priority water drop agriculture and water

Agriculture & Water

Meeting domestic and global demand while protecting Canada’s competitive water advantage.

priority water drop small and indigenous communities

Small & Indigenous Communities

Enabling sustainable management and safe drinking water.



Hydraulic Fracturing 2015 Report Below

What do we know now - what do we most need to know - and what can we know through targeted research? more  ▶

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What are the health risks posed by lead in drinking water? New evidence has resulted in changes in Canadian practice. more  ▶

Blue Cities 2016

Blue Cities 2016: Water Resiliency for the New Normal was held on May 18th and 19th in Toronto. more  ▶