Canada's premier water research management organization

Challenges Facing Canada

Water matters to Canadians. It’s no wonder that it sits at the heart of many challenges facing the country. Water management issues that overlap jurisdictions are made even more difficult to solve because industry, government and NGOs are often disconnected from researchers and relevant knowledge that could significantly improve their ability to make progress.

Canadian Water Network is Focused on National Water Solutions

We are driving Canada’s progress on water challenges by focusing on four national priorities:

Blue Cities

Moving to adaptive, resilient municipal water management.

Energy & Resources

Achieving economic success through environmental and public health protection.

Agriculture & Water

Meeting domestic and global demand while protecting Canada’s competitive water advantage.

Small & Indigenous Communities

Enabling sustainable management and safe drinking water.

Canadian Water Network

We connect resources, people and knowledge to ensure that industry, government and NGOs can access and apply the right solutions to address their water challenges.

Our Approach

Collaboration and knowledge mobilization are rooted in our research model – to most effectively inform practice, policy and investment decisions.


1. Create Opportunities

We bring together groups with common challenges and direct resources in a way that facilitates opportunities to share risk and investment.






2. Extract Knowledge, Provide Insight

We provide insight through accessing the right people, knowledge and research to effectively support shared decisions and partnerships.

Connect the right people

Cut through the noise

Cross jurisdictions

Access and extract the right knowledge


3. Accelerate Success

We drive progress and ensure that investments lead to solutions by providing highly credible and relevant decision-ready knowledge.

Garner support

Accelerate timelines

Invest more effectively

Change policy