Bernadette Conant CWN 2017 web

Bernadette Conant

Chief Executive Officer

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Katrina 2013 cropped

Dr. Katrina Hitchman

Director of Program Development

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Bu Lam

Dr. Bu Lam

Manager of Municipal Programs

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Sunny Chen 78x95

Sunny Chen

Corporate Events Manager

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CWN Karen Ford

Karen Ford

Manager of Finance and Operations

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Jacqueline Heintzman Headshot Small

Jacqueline Heintzman

Communications Intern

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Kim Jusek web

Kim Jusek

Program Manager, Municipal Programs

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Liana Kreamer photo

Liana Kreamer

Communications Manager

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Lyle Schneider

Lyle Schneider


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Shoeleh Headshot 78x95

Shoeleh Shams

Municipal Programs Research Intern

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amanda sider headshot 78x95

Amanda Sider

Office Administrator

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mark spanjers

Dr. Mark Spanjers

Municipal Programs Research Coordinator

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Dr. Mark Spanjers

Municipal Programs Research Coordinator

(519) 888-4567x30255


Mark is responsible for supporting the Municipal Programs Division of Canadian Water Network. His responsibilities include supporting the development of research programs and competitions, conducting research into areas related to municipal water management, coordinating research competitions and project reviews, and supporting the development of Municipal Programs research reports and summaries.


Mark Spanjers completed his BASc in Environmental Engineering and his PhD at the University of Waterloo. During his PhD, Mark conducted research into optimizing biological filtration for drinking water treatment. He has worked with several municipalities and had designed, implemented, and operated both large and small scale pilot biofiltration systems. His current professional interests include biological water and wastewater treatment, process optimization, system robustness/resiliency and green infrastructure.