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This workshop provided an opportunity for students and young professionals to hone their communication and media relations skills.

Strong communication relies on the ability to craft and deliver a persuasive story, communicate effectively during a crisis, and engage appropriately with media.  Participants left this workshop feeling more confident about engaging with a range of audiences and through various mediums.

Goals and objectives

The Pass the Mic Workshop took place from April 7-10, 2013 in Halifax, NS and was designed for those working in the Atlantic region.  The workshop offered opportunities for in-depth discussion in a hands-on learning environment. Throughout the two-and-a-half days of this stimulating workshop, participants developed and honed their communications and media relations skills.  Direct focus was placed on crisis communication, media relations, and public speaking skills.

The first day focused on communication specific to the challenges associated with communicating water and related issues to the media and the public. This included voice training and voice relaxation exercises. 

The remainder of the workshop built on the first session by further developing communications and media relations skills and was facilitated by a leading Atlantic public relations firm.  Here, participants had the opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate an idea or issue, as well as how to negotiate crisis communication effectively.  Participants also had the opportunity to work both on and off camera to practice interview and camera skills.

Thank you to all the participants and facilitators that joined us at this workshop.