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This workshop took students and young professionals to the Lake Winnipeg Basin to explore the challenges and associated work that is being done in this expansive area. The week featured a unique, hands-on, interactive program including site visits, tours, outdoor activities and direct interaction with researchers and local water professionals.

CWN brought together participants from across Canada for the opportunity to learn from local watershed experts on the unique challenges that are faced in the Lake Winnipeg Basin related to water management. In addition to the significant educational value of this workshop, participants also benefited from an opportunity to network with other students and young professionals, as well as with experts from a variety of disciplines.

Participants were:

  • Exposed to multidisciplinary perspectives on sustainable water management
  • Creating new and lasting relationships
  • Interacting with decision makers and learn about their perspectives
  • Experiencing local culture
  • Developing and apply team-building and leadership skills

Workshop themes:

  1.  Wastewater Treatment
  2.  Water Control Infrastructure
  3.  Watershed Planning
  4.  Watershed Management Practices