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This workshop focused on integrated water management, sustainability in infrastructure planning and knowledge mobilization. Participants toured two local sites, including Jones Lake constructed wetlands in Centennial Park and the Moncton Wastewater Commission. They enjoyed a number of excellent presentations and participated in lively roundtable discussions.

Thank-you to local community practitioners for sharing their expertise:

Stormwater and Public Perception in Moncton
Christine Gilroy, Water Quality and Water Guardian Project Lead, Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance

Creating Partnerships for Water Management: Moncton’s Journey
Jennifer Dingman, Water Quality Specialist, Department of Engineering and Environmental Services, City of Moncton

Watercourses vs. Humans: And the Clear Winner is…
Ron Jenkins, Regional Manager, Atlantic Provinces, Parish Geomorphic, Ltd.

Stormwater Management within the City of Moncton - Issues and Opportunities
Elaine Aucoin, Director of Environmental Planning and Management, City of Moncton

Retention and Detention Systems
Philippe Losier, Engineer Technical Service, Soleno

Integrated Water Resource Management Gap Analysis
Kelly B. Schnare, Waterlution Transformative Leaders of the Future

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