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This workshop ran in conjunction with the AWWA 2012 Water Quality and Technology Conference and Exposition (WQTC). The WQTC attracted water professionals and organizations from across the globe to advance the common goal of sustainable water management.

Canadian Water Network brought 20 students and young professionals from across Canada into this high-profile conference to learn about the latest in global water science, technology and strategic issues. The majority of the workshop agenda featured attendance at WQTC.

Workshop participants were divided into four working groups and assigned to one of the following themes:

  • Key issues where public acceptance is the major determinant in uptake
  • Research versus practice — Where are the gaps widest and where are they rapidly converging?
  • Challenges attracting solutions — Where is the action at and what needs appear to be getting attention?
  • Updating what success in treatment and delivery of safe water looks like.

Each day started with a breakfast plenary focusing on one of the four themes, followed by the opportunity to attend conference sessions and networking events during the day and evening.

This unique opportunity placed participants in the centre of a community of world-leading water professionals to meet and exchange ideas, explore the state of the science, and debate the key issues underlying the theory and practice of water research.