Okanagan Basin Watershed Workshop

This workshop provided an intensive immersion into the intersection of water science, practice and management across the landscapes, institutions and people of British Columbia's Okanagan Valley. Highlights included presentations, tours, field trips and conversation with leading water experts and practitioners. The workshop covered six main focus areas:

  • How to conduct a water balance for a lake and river basin
  • Innovative ways to protect rivers and lakes
  • How to deal with nutrients
  • Water conservation programs
  • Stream rehabilitation
  • Water policy problems

We extend thanks to the workshop hosts, Dr. Bernard Bauer, UBC Okanagan; Dr. Hans Schreier, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, UBC; Laure Neilson-Welch, PhD candidate, Simon Fraser University; and Darwin Horning, PhD candidate, UBC Okanagan.

“I think it was very valuable to hear from all the stakeholders throughout the week, as well as from the academic community. Seeing all these perspectives will play a role in the decisions and approaches I take in regards to water management.”