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South Western Ontario Workshop: Value of Water

The workshop provided hands-on critical thinking, social sensitivity and leadership training woven into the theme of sustainability in water infrastructure planning. Consulting and communicating effectively with stakeholders is paramount to ensuring messages are received successfully and progress is made.


  • Were exposed to multidisciplinary perspectives on sustainable water management
  • Created new and lasting relationships
  • Interacted with decision makers and learn about their perspectives
  • Explored the concept of Integrated Water Management
  • Developed skills to effectively communicate water and related issues to the public
  • Developed and apply team-building and leadership skills

  • “[The workshop] was motivating and reflective, and offered a way for each person to focus on their strengths.“ - Workshop participant
  • “I found this workshop valuable and it covered a lot of different topics I'd never thought of before.” – Workshop participant 

  • “The career path panel was more than I was expecting. It was exactly what I needed!” – Workshop participant

  • “The career session was really great. The honesty of the professionals was something you don't see at every workshop or conference.” – Workshop participant