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Challenges related to the management of lead service lines, partial lead service line replacements, and lead occurrence in the tap water of large buildings in Canada

September 28, 2016

This webinar outlined key results from CWN-funded research projects on lead in drinking water, including:

  • A survey of the situation in Canada 
  • Regulatory sampling protocols and factors that impact lead release at the tap
  • LSL detection in different types of households
  • Long-term monitoring of lead release following partial LSL replacement 
  • Bench-scale and pilot-scale studies on partial LSL replacements
  • Lead at the tap in schools and daycares 

About the Speakers

Michèle Prévost
NSERC Industrial Chair on Drinking Water
Professor (Civil Engineering), Polytechnique Montréal

Michele PrevostMichèle Prévost, PhD, has more than 25 years of experience in research and technology in water treatment and distribution. She has completed several projects to investigate filtration and disinfection in treatment plants and distribution systems. She was the principal investigator on two Canadian Water Network projects: Developing a comprehensive strategy to reduce lead at the tap in Canada (2008-2012), and Evaluating the impacts of partial lead service line replacements on water quality (2012-2015).

Dr. Prévost has extensive experience in managing multidisciplinary research projects with numerous partners, including some from overseas. In 1998, she received the George Fuller Award from American Water Works Association (AWWA) for “steady production of research results that are useful to utilities.’’ In June 2016, she received the A.P. Black Research Award from AWWA in recognition of her outstanding research contributions to water science and water supply over her career.

Graham Gagnon
NSERC/Halifax Water Industrial Chair
Professor (Civil and Resource Engineering), Dalhousie University

Graham GagnonGraham Gagnon, PhD, is the Director for the Centre for Water Resources Studies at Dalhousie University. His professional and research interests focus on the management of water quality and treatment for natural and engineered systems. During his career he has worked on applied water research projects for municipalities in Atlantic Canada, as well as private companies, provincial departments, federal agencies and First Nation communities.

Dr. Gagnon was a co-investigator with Dr. Prévost in two CWN projects: Developing a comprehensive strategy to reduce lead at the tap in Canada (2008-2012), and Evaluating the impacts of partial lead service line replacements on water quality (2012-2015). In 2014, Dr. Gagnon received the George Warren Fuller Award from AWWA in recognition of his exceptional contributions in water research. 

Elise Deshommes
Research Associate
Civil Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal

Elyse DeshommesElise Deshommes, P.Eng, PhD, is a research associate at the NSERC Chair on Drinking Water at Polytechnique Montreal. She holds a bachelor in civil engineering from ESTP (Paris, France) and a PhD in civil engineering (water treatment) from Polytechnique Montreal. Between 2012 and 2015, she was project manager for Canadian Water Network's project on partial lead service line replacements. Since 2010, she has authored and co-authored 11 peer-reviewed papers related to lead in drinking water and consumer exposure. 



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