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Blue Cities

As issues of resiliency and liveability come into focus for planning and policy-making in Canadian communities, municipalities are working hard to increase the sustainability of municipal water systems. In 2013 alone, municipalities had five of the largest infrastructure projects in Canadian history underway or in planning, representing over $2 billion in investment in stormwater and wastewater management upgrades. Hundreds of additional smaller projects were also underway to maintain and improve water systems throughout Canada (ReNew Canada). These vitally important investments maintain healthy communities and local economies that can meet the diverse demands of a growing and increasingly urbanized population; one which is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty on many fronts, including the impacts of a changing climate.

CWN’s work focuses on identifying what drives innovation in municipal water management, the knowledge and actions needed to get there, and key opportunities to create “Blue Cities” that address our changing needs and risks. 

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A nation-wide collaboration accessing leading research for sustainable and resilient water management.

The Canadian Municipal Water Consortium (CMWC) is founded on national and international collaboration and knowledge sharing with leading edge water professionals. This allows those involved in the management of municipal water to anticipate, respond and adapt to key challenges and emerging trends.

Since 2009, the CMWC has delivered state-of-the-knowledge assessments, workshops and national research projects on drinking water, stormwater, wastewater and urban watersheds. 



The Canadian Municipal Water Consortium:Become a Member CMWC

  • Defines and clearly articulates the key shared challenges faced by municipalities, government and industry
  • Creates opportunities for shared risk and investment to support decision-making and to accelerate success
  • Leads the direction of municipal research by providing decision-ready knowledge and advice to support best policy and practice
  • Facilitates national sharing among peers with common water management interests that broadens experience and leads to solutions


 In 2014, the CMWC released a report that identified four national priorities:


CMWC Priorities revised


CMWC 2015 Priorities Report

The inaugural Canadian Municipal Water Priorities report, released in 2014, set the stage for the initiatives of the CMWC. The 2015 Priorities Report creates a common narrative to advance the national discussions between researchers, practitioners and decision-makers. It highlights advancements and provides insight into the most effective paths forward, paving the way to continued action for municipal water solutions.