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Canada’s Challenges and Opportunities to Address Contaminants in Wastewater

From October 2017 to March 2018, Canadian Water Network led a national review of known and emerging contaminants in municipal wastewater and Canada's options to deal with them. An eight-member expert panel was appointed and asked to consider three critical questions:

  • Which wastewater contaminants do we need to worry about most, now and in the future?

  • What are the options for Canadian communities to address these contaminants through wastewater treatment?

  • What are the important opportunities and trade-offs involved in treatment choices, including resource recovery, cost implications, socio-economic and cultural fit, and related issues like greenhouse gas emissions?

The expert panel consulted additional experts across Canada about the leading knowledge, practice and priorities in municipal wastewater management. The panel then wrote a culminating report that empowers decision makers to choose the most effective treatment investments, policies and practices. The report identifies where wastewater treatment represents a particularly effective approach to protecting human health and the environment; articulates key opportunities and implications for future wastewater treatment in Canada; and provides a blueprint to inform government policy, regulations and funding.


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