Canadian Watershed Research Consortium

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 CWN’s focus on watershed and ecosystem management promotes an integrated water resources management (IWRM) approach.  Through our Canadian Watershed Research Consortium, we are supporting regional efforts to design and use watershed-level cumulative effects monitoring frameworks structured to support decision-making in land use management, natural resource management, impact mitigation and others. 

Through extensive consultation with end users, the most common priority areas for advancing cumulative effects assessment in Canada were found to be data availability and consistency, and methodology for conducting watershed-level assessments.  To address these priorities, CWN developed an end user-driven approach to establish research nodes in watersheds across Canada with diverse groups of local stakeholders and decision makers who collectively identified a need for and an ability to implement a cumulative effects monitoring framework.

As a result, six watershed research nodes have been established across the country.  These groups are partnered with teams of outstanding Canadian water researchers who are providing key information to build into the framework.

At CWN, we are supporting the nodes as they work to develop a practical and implementable cumulative effects monitoring framework, which will not only improve monitoring in their watershed, but contribute to a broader community of practice for cumulative effects assessment across Canada. 


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A reflective look back at the Consortium's work over the past five years, and what we've learned about adaptive monitoring and the implementation of collaborative monitoring frameworks:

Canadian Watershed Research Consortium Report EN 2016