Canadian Water Network Supports Newly Proposed Great Lakes Protection Act

February 24, 2015

The Government of Ontario re-introduced the proposed Great Lakes Protection Act. Canadian Water Network (CWN), a national organization that applies leading research to improve water management, supports the newly strengthened act for long term protection and restoration of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River basin.

The Great Lakes region is home to over one third of Canada's population and represents the heart of the North American economy. The majority of every element and sector of the region's economy is dependent on its water and related ecosystems. Therefore, both the risks and opportunities related to effective water management in the Great Lakes are vital to Canada.

CWN believes that the Great Lakes region, and Canada more broadly, has a very strong knowledge base on which to draw from. CWN encourages the Government of Ontario to access existing mechanisms, and where necessary create new ones, to effectively draw on leading research and traditional ecological knowledge to ensure decision making on water management in the Great Lakes regions is supported by robust science.

If passed, the Great Lakes Protection Act would:

  • Help fight climate change, reduce harmful algal blooms, and protect wetlands and other coastal areas.
  • Monitor and report on the health of the lakes.
  • Bring people together to take action on priority issues.
  • Build on Ontario's leadership in protecting the Great Lakes, including our Great Lakes Strategy and partnerships with Canada, Quebec, U.S.A., and the Great Lakes states.

 For more information on the Great Lakes Protection Act: