CWN hosts cross-Canada tour about Canada's approach to water management and research.

July 10, 2014

Elizabeth Soal (Liz) was awarded a Travelling Fellowship from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, aimed at providing opportunities for British citizens to go abroad to gain knowledge that they will use to enhance the lives of others in their own community.

Liz is spending a month in Canada, commencing in New Brunswick and then moving West to BC. She will meet with researchers, government representatives, and leaders from the non-profit community—many of whom are part of the Canadian Water Network.  A key focus of Ms. Soal’s expedition will be to learn more about CWN’s projects in the areas of regional monitoring frameworks (cumulative effects monitoring), agriculture best practice, and Traditional Knowledge.

Lake20Hawea LizSoalNew Zealand is similar to Canada, in respect of our freshwater availability per capita.  However, growing demands for water from urban expansion and intensification of agriculture, and increasing public awareness of water quality have elevated the importance of water management for New Zealand. In 2011, the New Zealand government released a new national-level planning instrument for Freshwater Management that requires regional authorities to implement plans which set limits for water quality and quantity on all water bodies. 

The Waitaki Irrigators Collective is an umbrella company representing the interests of irrigation companies in the Lower Waitaki River Catchment in the South Island of New Zealand.  The Lower Waitaki River is a dynamic braided river on the East Coast of the islandthat is dominated by a series of eight hydroelectric power stations and an extensive hydro canal system, producing around 25% of New Zealand's power.

Liz will be in Waterloo Region and surrounds July 10-14 to visit Canadian Water Network head office to meet with staff and researchers, The Grand River Conservation Authority, YU Ranch in Tillsonburg, and Innisfil Creek to learn about Ontario’s pilot Drought Management Plan.