Research Funding Announcement 2013

July 9, 2013

Canadian Water Network invests over $1.1 million in municipal water management research across Canada, contributing to a total of over $2.6 million in project funding.

WATERLOO, ON, July 9, 2013 - Critical municipal water research is progressing in Canada as the direct result of a unique end user-focused approach employed by Canadian Water Network (CWN). In 2012 CWN convened an extensive consultation with municipal water managers from across Canada to determine shared priorities, which led to the development of two Calls for Research Proposals for projects focused on two topic areas: the fate and transport of emerging substances of concern in municipal biosolids applied to agricultural lands; and options for improved nutrient removal and recovery from municipal wastewater. The competitions led to the recent funding of six research projects that will both significantly advance the science and knowledge in Canada in the areas of municipal wastewater and biosolids, and directly support decision makers and practitioners.

“The in-depth consultation process that led to the funding of these projects ensured that the research being conducted is both timely and relevant for municipal water managers” said CWN Executive Director, Bernadette Conant.

The projects, which are being managed through CWN’s Canadian Municipal Water Consortium, include the following:

By aligning the Calls for Research with the shared priorities of water managers, a significant co-investment of matching support from partner sources was achieved by the successful research teams.  Partners from the private sector, municipalities and government are collectively contributing over $1.5 million to the projects.

CWN’s Canadian Municipal Water Consortium focuses on municipal water management priorities and works to identify and articulate the implications of research results for decision-making and risk management. The CMWC brings together municipal water managers with industry and governments from local to national, to facilitate a collaborative approach to tackling water management challenges across Canada.

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